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Just Passing Hoth the other day...

While I was in the area, I decided to visit Hoth. Here are my "holiday snaps", for consideration in the Exploration 3 challenge.

Here's me, having just arrived on Hoth. It was a bit on the chilly side, so in addition to my Cheddar Monk robes, I decided to purchase a scarf.

Much better.

First I tried to get a few shots of the local wildlife, but I was told by my tour guide that I wasn't allowed to go looking for a Wampa, as it was the breeding season and they can get a little aggressive.

This is probably the best shot I could get of a Tauntaun - it wouldn't keep still and tried to eat the camera, so I thought it best to leave it at that.

I came across a bunch of Native Hothians (or possibly other tourists, I can't remember...) who had constructed either some native totems or some sort of rudimentary sculpture.

Here are some closer shots of the totems...

Then the Hothian Tourists began a primitive ritual which involved hurling balls of snow at one another.

I, of course, decided to join in.

After a while, I found it much easier using force manipulation to throw the balls of snow.

This did get me accused of cheating, however, and forced me to make a speedy exit.

But not before I made a snow-angel.

Photographs taken by myself, my loyal droid K35-T31, and my partner Darth Spurious

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